Kalamazoo – A Century Pedigree in Security Print

For over 100 years Kalamazoo has been producing secure documents for organisations and governments across the world. The company’s innovative, secure solutions help protect against counterfeit and fraud across a range of document types, including ballot papers, certificates, cheques, visas, event tickets for sport, theatre and festivals, gift vouchers, tax stamps and many more.

Kalamazoo’s wealth of experience in secure print is valued internationally. The numbers speak for themselves. For example, for an academic and vocational qualifications provider in the UK, the business printed 6 million exam certificates in 12 weeks, reducing certificate printing costs by 25% over two years. Further afield, since 2005 the business has supplied more than 750 million ballot papers for East and West African elections. And in Saudi Arabia, Kalamazoo supplies in excess of 250,000 education certificates to more than 20 colleges and universities. Annually, the business produces over 100 million secure documents for the overseas market, and 400 million in total.

Proven production capacity

Such a volume requires serious operational know-how. Kalamazoo’s highly secure offices and manufacturing plant in Redditch have all the necessary equipment, technical expertise, integrated technology platforms and accreditations to fulfil every stage of the security print process – from design and production through to delivery. Projects range from huge volume ballot production runs to smaller volume cheque runs – and everything in between. 

Combatting document fraud

Any document of high value or high personal sensitivity is vulnerable to fraud, and the level of fraudulent activity across the globe continues to grow and develop. Recent estimates put the cost of fraud to the global economy at $4.69 trillion, with losses rising by 56 percent in the last decade. Businesses and institutions are dealing with a threat which is highly complex and constantly evolving – one which requires expert support to help them manage the broadest possible range of fraud risks. By partnering with Kalamazoo, organisations can protect profits and reputation and stay several steps ahead of those with criminal intentions.

A robust and sophisticated solution

Designing a more secure document is a sophisticated process. Kalamazoo provides a complete secure solutions package, with the company’s experts able to provide the very latest advice on developments in papers, inks, and other security technologies.

Kalamazoo’s production sites are set-up to provide a whole host of refined techniques, applied during the printing process or to the document in the latter stages of production. These techniques can be overt (a feature that is clearly visible upon inspection with the naked eye), covert (invisible to the naked eye and requiring an inspection device such as a UV light source or magnifier) or at a forensic level (needing very specific tools to prove its presence). Digital solutions introduce the use of apps to verify and authenticate QR codes and holograms. In this way, physical security features are combined with new digital technology to enhance protection and add additional layers of protection.

Kalamazoo continuously invests in its in-house operation to ensure that its customers receive the most flexible, cost-effective solution to their secure print needs. Secure documentation can also be personalised and integrated within innovative design formats to promote an organisation whilst ensuring that its corporate branding and quality standards are maintained.

Over a century of security print

Kalamazoo’s pedigree and expertise has been captured in an excellent short video.

Gary Good, Managing Director, Kalamazoo comments: “The video emphasises the incredible attention to detail that the Kalamazoo team brings to every security print-job, earning the trust of organisations across the globe through skill and dedication. The video succinctly captures the essence of the company as ‘People, Pedigree, Peace of Mind’ – we’re extremely proud of our global reputation and we’ll continue to drive standards forward to ensure the best possible level of protection for our customers.”

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