5 must haves when choosing a security print partner from overseas

Firstly, congratulations! You have identified a need for security print and you’ve done your research to understand how secure print services can drive compliance, eliminate fraud and protect your brand. The next critical step is selecting the right partner to work with.

Security print is a highly specialised service, requiring in-depth know-how and the application of the very latest techniques to safeguard your documents. What this means in practical terms is that there are very few suppliers that are truly capable of delivering the expert service levels required. The answer for many businesses across the globe is to look overseas for security print support.

Understandably, buying services from abroad can seem like a daunting prospect. So, to make the process less challenging, we’ve identified five must haves that procurement teams should look for from their security print partner.


It makes sense to source a security print partner that has a track record both within your industry and with the type of work that you want processed. Every job is unique, but there are demonstrable qualities that can help you decide whether a company is a good fit. Look for case studies and endorsements from other companies. Find out whether the business is used to working with organisations in or near your location. Look at the company’s history – a business must be doing something right if it has been around for a long time and in such a specialised field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take notice of the care and attention that you receive. The best companies will steer and advise you at every stage.


Typically, security documents are time sensitive. They have to be produced on time, every time, with no room for delay. Establish whether the security print firm has the capacity to handle any job size and to flex to urgent demands. Is the print business equipped to handle every stage of the process – from design and production through to delivery? Is there the space on site to hold the necessary volumes of paper and materials to ensure that work flows on time? And is there a guarantee of contingency planning in place in case the main production site is compromised in any way? Getting robust answers to these questions is an essential step in the decision-making process.


The premises and processes that are used to produce your documents must be highly secure. Look for businesses that have the necessary security and operational accreditations in place. For example, does the print business have Cheque & Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC*) accreditation, meaning documents are kept in a secure environment throughout the design and print process? Additionally, any print job requires data to be input first, so ask for a detailed explanation of how your data is received and accurately translated to produce documents to your specific requirements.

People and Culture

People buy from people – that’s true across all industries and cultures. Designing a secure document is a sophisticated process, so look for a business that is able to work with you as a true partner, understanding your specific requirements and consulting at every stage. Technologies and processes evolve rapidly, so it’s important that your chosen print partner has the in-house expertise to provide the very latest advice on developments in papers, inks, applied components and other security technologies.


The rapid pace of change in security print technology requires specialist print businesses to continuously invest in order to offer industry-leading service. Production sites should be equipped to provide a whole host of refined techniques, deployed during the printing process or applied to the document in the latter stages of production. Documents can be personalised and integrated within innovative design formats to promote your organisation whilst ensuring corporate branding and quality standards are maintained – is your provider capable of such a service? Additionally, recent developments combine physical security features such as QR codes and holograms with new digital technology, accessed via apps, enabling authorised users to read, verify and authenticate documents with a series of clicks.

The best providers will be happy to demonstrate options and capabilities to ensure you get the perfect fit for your needs.

Ultimately, a security document is only as good as the company designing and producing it. Given the highly sensitive nature of these printed items, any time taken assessing potential print providers is time well spent.

At Kalamazoo, we are confident that our track record of global success speaks for itself. If you would like to talk to one of our experts, please do get in touch.

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