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How we’ll work with you to produce high-quality security documents

We treat our customers as partners, working together at every stage of the documents journey. Our experience and knowledge ensure that every detail matches the level of security required for the document using the wealth of overt and or covert security features available. We are dedicated to service excellence from design all the way to packing and fulfilment.

Our Approach

Step One:

Understanding your requirements

We see our customers as partners, so we take a consultative approach to security print. Before we start the machines running, we make sure that we fully understand your requirements so we can recommend the optimal type and number of security features for your documents.

We will ask you the purpose of your document, and the risks you intend to mitigate – whether it’s revenue, reputation, even people’s lives. As well as desired materials, security ink colours and timeframes.

Step Two:

Designing your document

Our entire design process is secure. We receive and compile all kinds of data and content and can design multiple variations of your document.

Step Three:

Document assembly

At every stage of printing, we can include overt, covert or forensic security features.

  • Substrate, we use web rolls of paper which are quick to feed into printers and more economical than sheets.
  • Lithographic design, we print visible and invisible features.
  • Applied features such as holographics.
  • Numbering and personalisation.

Step Four:

Secure Delivery

After packing securely and labelling, we deliver with CVIT providers such as G4S and DAX. Internationally we charter flights.

All international orders comply with Incoterms standards.

Overt, covert and forensic security features

What techniques can we employ to protect your document from fraud?


  • Watermarked Paper
  • Ultra Violet Dull Security Paper
  • Solvent Sensitive Security Paper
  • Fluorescent Fibres & Planchets
  • Guilloche Design
  • Anti-copy Copy Void Pantograph
visa watermarked edge
uv ink


  • Invisible Fluorescent
  • Thermochromic
  • Time Reactive
  • Machine Readable
  • Aqua Sensitive Solvent Sensitive

Attachments and Process

  • Hologram
  • Micro Printing
  • Pantograph Messaging
  • Adhesion Promoting Varnish
  • Block Out
  • Sequential Numbering
  • 2D Barcode
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Six reasons to choose Kalamazoo for your
security print needs

Our heritage

We’ve been around for a long time, over 100 years in fact. Over time, we have developed a deep experience in security print, so much so that we are trusted by educational awarding bodies, electoral commissions and governments around the world. We are proud to employ a mix of staff from those who have been with us for many years, to newer colleagues as well as apprentices.

kalamazoo heritage
kalamazoo production facility

Production capacity

Our size and machinery means we are capable of printing up to 7 million A4 documents per day. And because we store high volumes of paper on site, we can print as soon as we receive an order.

Full end-to-end service

We are a fully owned printers, we run the process from document design to delivery of the end product.

full end to end service

Consultative partners

We use our knowledge and experience to make sure you use the right security features for your document.

Data and content expertise

We have the skillset and software to handle any data, artwork and variable content that you want to include in your documents. Whether its photographs of candidates on ballot papers or brand logos in holographic stamps.

data expertise
secure facility

Secure processes

Our facility in Redditch, England is secured 24/7 and certified to BS 4737/IEC 839. Our data security procedures are in line with ISO27001, with all confidential physical data shredded, diluted, compacted and sent for recycling. Secure electronic data transfer is via SFTP to our secure server. Our cheque printers are certified to Standard 55.

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