Certificates & Government Documents by Kalamazoo

We provide all categories of security printed certificates and official documentation required by governments and education bodies, personalised with highly secure data management. 

Secure Document Coverage

Our certificate printing service includes, but is not limited to: Education Certificates, Training Certificates, Birth & Death Certificates, Share Certificates, MOT Certificates, Modular Transcripts Certificates, Taxi Driver Certificates, Insurance Certificates, Compliance Assurance Certificates

Motor Vehicle Titles, Motor Vehicle Stickers, Government Payment Tokens, Official Document Security Seals and Stamps, Land Registration Titles, Multi-Part Proof of Government-to-Citizen Transactions, Driving Licences, Gun Licences, Fishing Licences, HGV Licences, TV Licences, NHS Prescriptions

Producing a certificate

How do we get to the final product?

Design Stage

Design & consultancy

From the start of the process, our team gives expert advice on certificate design and appropriate security features, depending on your requirements.

Certificate Printing 1

Base certificates produced

Once the design and level of security are agreed, the base certificates are produced at our security accredited production facility in Redditch, England

Personalised certificate 1


Printing on certificate paper, they are personalised with the accreditee's information, including names, images and document numbering, with enhanced security with ISO27001 compliant data handling.

Packaging labelling 1

Packaging and labelling

The certificates are packed to specification including district and centre, for secure onward in-country distribution.

Certificate 1

Certificates delivered

The finished certificates are delivered to your required destination via secure courier.

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