Tax Stamps by Kalamazoo

We provide security printed tax stamps for revenue and customs authorities to protect the income collected from taxation.

Secure Document Coverage

We print revenue stamps, including for: Alcohol Duty, Tobacco Duty, Security Labels, Security Seals, Tax Discs

Making a tax stamp

How do we get to the final product?

Design Stage

Design & consultancy

From the start of the process, our team gives expert advice on stamp design and composition with expertise on the appropriate security features, depending on your requirements.

Printing screen 1

Security features applied

Stamps are made secure with overt, covert or attached security features such as UV ink and holograms, using enhanced security and ISO27001 compliant data handling.

Tax Stamp Mock Up 1

Stamps produced

Once the security features are applied, the base stamps are produced at our security accredited production facility in Redditch, England.

Secure-storage 1

Quality control and secure storage

Our production specialists perform checks on each batch of the printed stamps, making alterations where required, and then stored in a high-security section of our facility.

Tax Stamp Glass 1

Packaged, labeled and delivered

The tax stamps are packed to specification including district and centre, for secure onward in-country and international distribution, to be delivered to your required destination via secure courier. All international deliveries are via charter flights and comply with Incoterms standards.

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