The Importance of Visitor Management in Schools


Our latest blog focuses on visitor management in schools. As the new school term begins and summer becomes a long distant memory, the next few months are a particularly busy period for schools. With the influx of new pupils, teachers and visitors coming into your school, it is important to ensure you are effectively managing the people on your premises in order to fulfil your Duty of Care.

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Kalamazoo provides visitor management solutions for schools.  From handwritten paper pass systems, to more advanced visitor management software, our visitor management solutions tailored to education can make a real difference to your school reception, helping safeguard pupils and staff and visitors.


6 benefits of a Kalamazoo visitor management system:

– An accurate list of who is on your school premises
– An up-to-date list of visitors which can be accessed quickly in the event of an evacuation
– Reduced staff administration time whilst maintaining a high level of security
– Improved efficiency – visitors can be pre-registered to reduce visitor waiting time
– Improved data accuracy – records all the data you need for your schools records
– Improve visitor service – stops long queues in school reception at busy periods

Safeguard Staff and Pupils with effective Visitor Management


Here are our top 3 products we offer to schools to help create an effective visitor management system:


Visitornet for Education is the ultimate visitor management solution for schools and other education establishments. Securely installed on your school server, Visitornet enables schools to monitor visitors and staff, as well as track pupil lateness.

The user-friendly touchscreen system enables users to produce paper visitor passes, ID cards or labels, when used in conjunction with a wide range of printers. Badge templates can be fully personalised to incorporate a number of layouts and school logo designs. Badges are then used to identify people in your school, helping to increase security.

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Handwritten Visitor Pass Systems


Kalamazoo Direct specialises in providing personalised visitor books and passes to hundreds of schools throughout the UK. Our high quality, full colour visitor books enable schools to easily track visitors entering the premises, whilst keeping visitor information confidential.

Our visitor passes can be personalised to include your school’s logo and details, as well as any specific information you wish to record. We also provide great value ID accessories to ensure your schools promotes a professional image.

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ID Card Printers


We stock a range of ID card printers which can be used in conjunction with Visitornet, or separately, to produce staff and student ID cards. ID cards are a popular item used by schools to increase security. They provide visual identification and can be used as part of access control and cashless vending systems.

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Browse our website or contact us to see how Kalamazoo Direct can help your school effectively manage staff, pupils and visitors.

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