How do you use your Lanyard? – Part 2


After our last post, we got thinking again about how other people are using their lanyard to go about their daily work. We have shared some of our findings below:


When asking people to give to a cause, it’s important that you’re clear who you are raising money for. Many charities now issue fundraisers with ID badge holders and lanyards to help with this.

Retail Workers

It’s annoying for customers if they cannot find staff in a store. To help, some retailers are issuing lanyards with shop branding so customers can quickly identify a store employee and ask them a question.

Youth Camps

Youth camps are a great way for young people to try activities. Lanyards come in useful for carrying water bottles, maps, documents and other items.

Transport staff

Whether you work for an airline, bus or train company. Being able to show your ID card quickly to passengers proves to them that you’re an official employee. Also in emergency you’re their go to person for help.


Nurse mainly use lanyards for holding ID badges and keys, or both! NHS lanyards are very popular as are blue badge reels so nurses can easy clip ID badges to clothing.

Security Personnel

In any security industry role, displaying an ID badge is of high importance, whether you’re a nightclub doorman or working on premises as a security patrol. A lanyard allows you to attach keys and an ID badge so you can concentrate on your duties knowing all your important items you need are safe. One of Kalamazoo Directs most popular products is the security arm badge holder which displays photo ID badges on the arm.

Delivery Drivers

Companies now give drivers an ID badge and lanyard which allows them to quickly get past building security desks to make a delivery. Some delivery company’s supply lanyards with document wallets so they can store documentation such as driving licenses and a timesheet.

Taxi Drivers

Local authorities ask taxi drivers to clearly display their ID to passengers who travel with them. Clear display of the plastic ID card via a lanyard reassures passengers that they are authorised to pick up passengers.

Tour Guides

Many tour companies issue their tour guide with an ID badge and lanyard so he/she is easily identifiable. They will also issue coloured lanyards to all members of the party so when out visiting large crowded attractions, the group can be easily identified.

Local Government Workers

Large local governments have a high number of staff across multiple sites. To help identify people each staff member is usually given a lanyard and ID badge. This means that you can display your ID clearly when travelling to another government office and gain access straight away.


Repair Men

Many large retailers now offer repairs to products in the home. Therefore it is important to always have an ID of that worker on display. Repair men can print their name, their company name and their contact information. This is then displayed using a lanyard and ID badge Holder.

Hopefully this article has got you thinking about introducing ID accessories to your business.

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