How do you use your Lanyard? – Part 1


The lanyard has come a long way. An early use is thought to have been a way of French Military Soldiers securing a pistol, sword or whistle to their person; known as a “Lanière”.

Lanyards were used in situations where there was a strong chance the object may be lost: they were commonly used by Cavalry and Naval Officers at sea.

Today lanyards have a wide variety of uses from securing staff ID Cards to displaying access all areas passes at music festivals. More recently, they have been used to secure mobile phones and USB devices: we continue to find more ways to use them.

In our latest blog post, we look at some of the uses of this often integral identification accessory:


Used by staff and students alike; schools, colleges and universities use lanyards to quickly identify their staff, students and even visitors. They provide a cost-effective method of ensuring each individual is authorised to be on the premises, helping to increase site security.

Offsite, ID lanyards are great for group trips and class excursions. They enable you to quickly identify your group when off school premises.

Our breakaway lanyards are popular with schools, colleges and universities as the incorporated breakaway safety feature ensures that should the lanyard get caught, it simply detaches without entrapping the wearer.

Public Speakers


A lanyard is a must have for guest speakers at a large event, conference or seminar. With an ID badge including a suitable photo, seminar guests will be able to quickly identify key individuals.

Company Employees


We supply large organisations with ID solutions to enable them to identify people in the workplace. Typically, larger offices will have a visitor management system in place, so when a visitor arrives on site, they are issued a visitor pass, in badge holder with a lanyard, for the duration of their visit.

Company employees are often issued an ID badge, badge holder and lanyard. It is likely they will have to wear it at all times so colleagues can quickly identify each other, increasing onsite security.

Exhibition/Trade Show Visitors


Exhibition or trade show organisers and exhibitors are often issued with ID badges in order for event staff to be able to distinguish between them and show attendees, helping to increase event security. Many show organisers are now also issuing visitors/delegates with passes and lanyards on arrival, creating a prestigious feel to the event.

Here are some more examples:

Concert Promoters & Event Promoters
Youth Camps
Transport Staff
Sports Coaches

Kalamazoo Direct stocks a range of products which you can buy today. If you’re looking for that extra special lanyard then we will work with you to produce a personalised lanyard to meet your specific requirements.

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