Tips for improving your Visitor Management


In any organisation, effectively controlling visitors on your site is of vital importance to ensure maximum security. If you do not know who is on your premises then you could be putting your visitors, staff and property at risk.

Kalamazoo Direct works with many different organisations to provide secure visitor management solutions that meet specific business requirements, increase security and improve efficiency.

We have put together some tips on how you can improve your visitor management process:

Plan Ahead

It is always better to be prepared when it comes to visitor management and security. Think about the visitors your organisation receives, do they have to queue at your front desk whilst necessary administration is done? Do you even have a process for receiving visitors? Investigate the benefits of paper and electronic visitor management systems to identify which is more suitable for you.

Fit For Purpose

When you choose a system, make sure that it meets the daily demands of your organisation. For instance, if you often host meetings on site, does the system enable you to preprint visitor passes ready for a visitor’s arrival? If an electronic system is preferred, should it be hosted on your local server or should it be cloud-based?

Create a checklist of criteria your new system should meet and speak to Kalamazoo to see how we can help you.

Time Saving

A good visitor management system saves your business time and creates a positive first impression when visitors arrive at your premises. It allows an accurate and efficient record of all individuals on site, helping to increase security, whilst benefiting front of house personnel by speeding up the process of receiving and registering visitors into your building.

Next Steps

Hopefully these tips have given you some advice on what to look for when considering a system for your business.

We can assist you getting started with our visitor management software or paper-based visitor management system which is used by a wide variety of businesses.

We can also provide you with ID accessories and ID card printers and consumables, plus much more once you’re up and running. All our products help towards improving visitor management.

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