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Kalamazoo Direct specialises in the design, production and fulfilment of secure certificates for a variety of awarding bodies and education establishments.

A Certificate Provider You Can Trust

Document fraud is a growing national and international problem, with instances of individuals using fraudulent certificates being widely reported in the media. To help combat this issue, Kalamazoo Direct provides an end-to-end certificate solution, which includes up to date advice on the latest certificate security technologies available.

As an accredited security printer, we specialise in minimising the risk of fraudulent alteration and duplication of certificates. Our in-house design team and expertise in security printing enable us to combine the highest levels of overt and covert security features into certificates, whilst working to your specific creative brief.

Certificate security features can include:

– Holograms and foils
– Sequential numbering
– Invisible ultra violet ink
– Thermochromic ink
– Guilloche designs
– Microtext
– Watermarked paper
– Numismatic images

Certificate Printing,  Personalisation & Fulfilment

In addition to producing your high quality certificate base stock, we can personalise certificates with individual candidate details. Certificates can then be fulfilled and mailed to either a designated study or certificate distribution centre, or directly to the candidate.


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