School Visitor Management

school visitor management

School visitor management solutions are available in a number of forms. Which type of system is right for you will depend on a number of factors including the number of visitors you receive, the size of your site(s) and budget. With many options and requirements to consider, we have put together the following guide to help ensure you choose the school visitor management system that is right for you.

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Education providers have a statutory Duty of Care to “safeguard” learners and protect staff from harm, abuse or nuisance during school hours and extra curriculum activities. Schools, colleges and universities are under constant threat from potential criminals if steps are not taken to ensure the safety and security of their people, property and premises.

Visitor management is an effective method of maintaining a high level of security within your organisation by preventing unauthorised site access to help reduce risks including:

– Disruptions due to unexpected visitors

– Property theft and vandalism

– Potential child abduction

– Sexual predators gaining site access

School children leaving school

Safeguard staff & pupils with help from Kalamazoo Direct.

Type of School Visitor Management

Manual School Visitor Management Systems

Manual visitor management systems are a useful, cost-effective tool for manually controlling your visitors. Most suitable for establishments that receive a low to medium volume of visitors, these systems require visitors to fill in their details (such as Name, Time-in and Vehicle Registration) into a Visitor Book upon their arrival at your premises.

Visitors are then issued with a pass or badge, which they are required to display on their person at all times. This helps to ensure that all authorised visitors are easily identifiable whilst on site.

School Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software is an effective tool used by organisations that receive a medium to high number of visitors, or are based over multiple sites. Similar to manual systems, visitor management software requires data input from either key personnel situated on your front desk or visitors themselves.

Information gathered can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and appropriate records (DBS checks, for instance) can be stored digitally in a database alongside visitor records for as long as required.

As information is stored, either locally on your organisation’s servers or securely over the internet, repeat visitors can be quickly and efficiently signed-in at any site without the need to take their details again, saving time and resources. Additional information, such as signature and photograph, can also be collected digitally and stored securely on the system, further enhancing security.


Know immediately who is on site, track visitors and contractors with ease.

Further Information

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