Kalamazoo Direct’s Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Ticket Supplier

Choosing a supplier for any product can be a minefield.  With so many companies appearing to offer the same product, it’s important to know exactly what you should be looking for in a supplier.  So with that in mind, here are our top 5 things to think about whilst selecting your ticket supplier.

Ticket Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

How much does your prospective ticket supplier understand about ticket quality and design?  What security features can they offer you?  A ticket supplier with a number of years in the ticket printing industry is likely to have experience of every style of ticket across a number of sectors, such as sports clubs, events and theatres, alongside and in-depth knowledge of ticket design and security features.

In-House Ticket Manufacturing

A ticket supplier who has in-house manufacturing capabilities is not only likely to offer the expertise you are looking for in a supplier, but can also offer you shorter lead times than a Print Management company.  Buying straight from a manufacturer can be far more cost effective, eliminating unnecessary mark-ups and margins.

Ticket Security

With ticket fraud costing the ticketing industry over of £5 million in 2014-15 (without taking in to consideration the cost of damage to your company’s reputation, disengaged fans and negative publicity), it’s important to include security features in your ticket design.  A wide range of overt and covert security features are available and your supplier should be able to advise which are the most suitable for your needs.

A secure, accredited ticket manufacturing facility is also something to be considered, an accreditation such as ISO27001 is a must.

Continual Investment in Machinery and Technology

Up-to-date, efficient print machinery and technology enables a ticket supplier to provide the highest quality product with the shortest lead times.

 Good Value for Money

Whilst as buyers, we all want the best price possible for our purchases, it’s important to consider what you’re willing to sacrifice for the ‘best’ price.  It may be worth paying a little more in order to receive expert knowledge, the latest security features as well as other services including fulfilment and mailing and stock holding.

For information on Kalamazoo Direct’s ticket solution, call us on 01527 838 890 to speak to a ticket specialist, or email your requirements to info@kalamazoodirect.co.uk

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