Visitor Books and Passes

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Kalamazoo Direct’s handwritten visitor books and passes enable your organisation to swiftly and efficiently manage visitors, ensure relevant health and safety obligations are met and create a professional first impression.

The Benefits of Visitor Management

An effective visitor management solution can help to reduce the risk of criminal activity being carried out against your organisation by ensuring all authorised visitors are easily identifiable whilst on your premises. Any unauthorised visitor (not wearing a visitor’s badge) is therefore easily identifiable and may be dealt with accordingly, helping to protect your organisation.

Kalamazoo Direct’s Visitor Books & Passes

Upon arrival at your organisation, visitors should sign-in using the visitor book by simply writing their details onto one of the overlapped visitor badges. The One-Write system simultaneously transfers visitor details onto an integral register – also forming an up to date fire evacuation list – eliminating the need to record details twice. Visitor information is kept confidential through the use of a discretion sheet, ideal for protecting the identity of any customers, suppliers or VIPs who visit your premises.

Once completed, passes are removed from the visitor book, placed in a badge holder with a clip or lanyard and given to visitors to display on their person at all times. Passes should be returned to point of issue prior to visitor departure to ensure visitors are signed out in order to update records accordingly.

For an extra-enhanced professional corporate image, visitor books and passes can be personalised with your organisation’s name and logo. Your site map and specific emergency procedures can be incorporated onto visitor passes ensuring your health & safety guidelines are clearly communicated to visitors, helping you to fulfil your Duty of Care. Personalised ID accessories are also available if desired.

For extra security, features such as CopyVoid™ can be incorporated into your visitor passes to protect them from fraudulent photocopying. CopyVoid™ technology works by displaying the word VOID on copied passes when produced by most photocopiers. Adding time-dependent ink can also be applied to passes to ensure ensure each visitor pass has a predefined lifespan so that visitors cannot re-enter your building after the authorised date using their pass.

If you would like more information on handwritten visitor books and passes, please contact us. However, if your organisation would be more suited to an electronic visitor management system, please take a look at our Visitor Management Software website.


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