Contractor Books and Passes

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Kalamazoo Direct’s handwritten contractor books and passes enable your organisation to effectively manage contractors working on your site, whilst helping to ensure that you meet relevant health and safety obligations.

Our contractor management system ensures all contractors visiting your site are issued with an identification badge, to be displayed on their person at all times. With authorised contractors clearly identifiable site security is increased, reducing the risk of criminal activity being carried out against your organisation.

Kalamazoo Direct’s Contractor Books & Passes

Upon arrival at your organisation, contractors should sign-in using the contractor book by simply writing their details onto one of the overlapped contractor passes. The One-Write system simultaneously transfers contractor details onto an integral register, forming an up to date fire evacuation list and eliminating the need to record details twice.

Each contractor pass contains a grid listing different types of work. As part of the signing-in process contractors mark which type(s) of work they are authorised to carry out. The system then works alongside Kalamazoo Direct’s Permit to Work forms, which should be completed by contractors prior to any work being carried out. This helps to ensure that the appropriate precautions have been taken to avoid workplace incidents and contractors have signed ‘acceptance of responsibility’, protecting your organisation in the event of an incident occurring.

For an extra-enhanced professional corporate image, contractor books and passes can be personalised with your organisation’s name, details and logo. Your site map and specific emergency procedures can be incorporated onto contractor passes ensuring your health & safety guidelines are clearly communicated to contractors, helping you to fulfil your Duty of Care. Personalised ID accessories are available if desired.


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