Your Guide to Buying ID Accessories


We appreciate the importance of keeping photographic ID safe and secure and recognise that ID cards are often multi-functional so need to be protected against every day wear and tear.

With this in mind, our ID accessories provide an effective, cost-efficient method of protecting these important documents, whilst allowing them to remain fully functional and fit-for-purpose. Our extensive selection of ID accessories are designed to be used with Kalamazoo Direct’s identification cards and visitor passes, though can also be used with products from other manufacturers.

Many of our ID accessories can be fully-customised with your organisation’s name and logo, allowing you to create a professional corporate image and effectively promote your brand or event.

There are many ID products available, so we have put together a short guide to our ID accessories which can be purchased from Kalamazoo Direct…


preprinted lanyards - id accessories
A pre-printed “Staff” lanyard


A simple, cost-effective way to display identification. We provide a range of options to suit all budgets and requirements.

Uses: Typically used to hold an ID card and badge holder around an employee’s neck.

View our range of lanyards

Personalised Lanyards

personalised - id accessories
A personalised yellow lanyard which shows our web address


Enhance your organisation’s corporate image with personalised ID accessories that incorporate your name, logo or website address.


black badge holder - id accessories
A landscape double sided badge holder


Designed to protect identification against every day wear and tear, we provide a range of badge holders to suit your specific requirements.

Uses: Securely holds two ID cards and attaches to a lanyard.

View our range of badge holders


id badge wallet - id accessories
A selection of PVC ID badge wallets in a range of colours


Keep identification safe and secure with our range of PVC protective ID badge wallets.

Uses: Securely holds a visitor pass or ID badge and can be attached to a lanyard.

View our range of pvc wallets


blue jazz badge reel - id accessories
A retractable badge reel


Designed for use with identification passes and badges, proximity access control cards, till ID devices and keys.

Uses: Attaches to your belt or pocket and can hold an ID card badge holder. Extends and retracts the badge.

View our range of retractable reels


badge clip - id accessories
A badge clip


A simple, cost-effective solution that ensures visible display of identification passes and badges.

Uses: Can be used to secure a badge holder or pvc wallet to a visitor.

View our range of badge clips


id necklance - id accessories
An ID Necklace


An alternative to lanyards, beaded necklaces provide a simple way to display identification.

Uses: Can be used with a badge holder or pvc wallet.

View our range of Necklaces


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