6 Reasons to Install a Touch Screen Visitor Management System

touchscreen visitor management

From paper visitor books to visitor management software, the process of visitor registration is constantly evolving. With an ever-growing demand for speed and ease of use in visitor management technology, we continue to see an increase in touch screen visitor management solutions.

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Touch screen applications are all around us. From self-serve supermarket checkouts to browsing store catalogues, we are now very familiar with touch screen technology. There are numerous benefits associated with using touch screen systems in visitor management including not only improving the visitor experience, but also adding value to organisations who implement them.

Let’s look at these benefits in more detail:

1 – Ease of Use

Many of us are well versed in using a keyboard and a mouse, however reaching out and touching icons on a screen has become more and more common. From the use of smart phones and tablets through to touch screen ovens and coffee machines, the technology is all around us.

High levels of concentration and training are not required as well designed touch screens tend to be easy to follow, making their usage simple and efficient.

2 – Speed

Touch screens save time by speeding up tasks. Using a mouse and keyboard is a lot slower than using a touch screen as users have to correlate mouse movement and clicks with interactions on the screen.

With a step-by-step touch screen and clear buttons, tasks can be completed more quickly, thereby speeding up your visitor registration process.

3 – Resource

The introduction of a touch screen system can also have a positive impact on resources in a busy working environment. With touch screens taking care of the sign in process, staff simply need to hand over a badge to the visitor once it has been printed. This frees up busy reception staff to concentrate on greeting visitors and customer service instead of being preoccupied with visitor registration admin.

4 – Space

Touch screens allow you to set up systems in areas where there may be a lack of abundant space. They can be installed in confined areas, either wall mounted or placed on or near your reception desk, creating a professional first impression upon visitor arrival.

5 – Maintenance

Unlike with a keyboard, where dirt, dust and moisture can accumulate, touch screens are easy maintained with an occasional wipe down.

6 – Accessibility

Touch screens are also valuable in accommodating users with physical issues that might make a traditional mouse and keyboard setup difficult to use. Users with arthritis, for instance, may have difficulty manipulating a mouse or typing on a standard keyboard, making traditional computing tasks difficult. Directly accessing icons on a screen, however, may be much easier for a user with physical challenges, especially when paired with a stylus or other pointing device to enhance the interface.

In conclusion, it is clear to see why touch screen technology is becoming such a common part of our day-to-day lives. The demands for speed, ease of use and user engagement are driving the growth of touch screen technology, products and services.


About Visitornet

Visitornet is tailored for Education and for Business. The comprehensive software enables you to efficiently manage the visitors on your site, creating a professional first impression, whilst helping you to fulfil your Duty of Care requirement, in order to comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

Visitornet makes visitor registration quick and easy. The user-friendly touch screen system walks visitors through an easy to follow self-registration process, capturing their details before printing a photographic identification visitor badge. Badges are worn whilst visitors are on-site to increase security by enabling all authorised visitors to be instantly identified.

Kalamazoo Direct has provided visitor management software to organisations for over 25 years. Security, quality and integrity is at the heart of what we do so you can be assured that your requirements are in safe hands.

If you are considering Visitornet for your business or school then please visit www.visitornet.co.uk or contact info@kalamazoodirect.co.uk for further information.

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